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Our Preparations for the 12-Hour Diesel Generator Load Endurance Test

Our Preparations for the 12-Hour Diesel Generator Load Endurance Test

To ensure the reliability of our diesel generator sets, we undergo rigorous testing to determine their capacity, performance, and efficiency before delivery. In a recent project, we performed a 12-hour marathon load test of 2 diesel generator sets requested by the client. The generators are openset models powered by Cummins KTA50GS8 engines that require extensive testing to ensure they meet the necessary performance and endurance specifications.

Extra External Fuel Tanks Installed

Extra External Fuel Tanks Installed
To prepare for the lengthy load tests, we installed two external fuel tanks on each generator to provide adequate fuel for 12 hours of continuous operation without interruption. Each external fuel tank has a capacity of 2500 litres, making the total fuel capacity 5000 litres per generator.

Soundproof Enclosures with Meters

Soundproof Enclosures with Meters and Noise Reduction
To accommodate the high power rating of the Cummins KTA50GS8 (standby rating 1675kVA) and the client’s request for a power factor (PF) of 0.8, we supplied an additional outdoor load bank and performed load and transient tests. Each generator was housed in a specially designed soundproof enclosure with meters installed to measure exhaust temperature and alternator exciter field voltage and current. These tests were conducted exclusively for this project and took place during the 12-hour load test.

This arrangement offered clients the convenience of examining the test data and observing the testing process. Additionally, the enclosure helped dampen the sound of the engines and exhaust to minimise any nuisance to the surrounding environment.

Multiple Load Level Testing
Over 12 hours, we tested each generator at multiple load levels. After a 1-hour load test at a 100% standby rating of 0.8PF, each generator set underwent an additional 11-hour load test with different load percentages. The loads were maintained at intervals of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, with each interval lasting for 15 minutes, except for 100%, which was maintained for 10 hours. An extra 1-hour load test was conducted at 110%.

Customised Services to Meet Your Needs
At Top One Power, we take pride in our dedication to providing tailored solutions to our clients and ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. We look forward to continuing to provide tailored and quality assurance services to build trust and confidence with our clients!