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Custom Generator Enclosures for Quiet, Smooth Operation and Easy Maintenance

custom diesel generator enclosures

For Quiet, Smooth Operation and Easy Maintenance

We recognise that each generator application is distinct and we are dedicated to delivering custom-built solutions to your specific requirements. With a broad range of options available, we can provide you with a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs:

Sound attenuation 

To reduce noise levels from your generator, we include silencers in our enclosure units with the option of both internal and external silencers that are custom-built to fit your generator engine. We can also provide sound-dampening material choices for the enclosure’s interior. You can choose from various sound-absorbing materials like cotton for our sound insulation panels, tailoring the enclosure’s noise-reduction capabilities.

While minimising the risk of hearing damage, lower noise emissions also improve the safety and efficiency of maintenance personnel.

external silencer for diesel generator
External Silencer

Vibration isolation 

Our standard units are equipped with anti-vibration mounts to isolate engine vibrations and ensure smooth operation of the machine. Anti-vibration mounts use rubber parts to absorb the energy from engine vibrations, reducing the amount transmitted to the enclosure and base frame.

For customers with higher vibration reduction requirements, we also offer spring mounts that provide high levels of deflection for even greater vibration isolation. By utilising appropriate isolation techniques, the diesel engine and components can have a longer service life, while also minimising the impact on surrounding structures.

anti vibration mount for diesel generator
spring mount for diesel generator
Spring Mount

Enclosures sizes 

We understand that the size of the enclosure is critical in ensuring the efficient operation of diesel generators. That’s why we offer a range of standardised enclosure sizes, from canopies to containers (from standard 20ft GP containers to 40ft HQ containers). However, we also recognise that some clients require bespoke solutions, and we are more than happy to accommodate their needs. If there is sufficient available space to accommodate a container instead of a canopy, a genset unit with a larger internal size is more convenient for engineers to perform maintenance inside the enclosure. For instance, we recently assembled a Scania DC13072A 02-14 diesel generator into a 20ft HQ Container, tailored to the specific requirements of our client.

Scania DC13072A 02-14
Cummins QSL9-G5

With decades of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke generator enclosures, we have the experience and talent to create solutions that meet your exact specifications in every detail. If you need a custom-built generator enclosure to maximise efficiency or match a unique space, contact us today and let us create a tailored solution for you!