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Generator Buyin​g Tips & Infomation

What is a diesel generator? A diesel generator is made up of a diesel engine and an alternator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel generator sets are widely used in places without connection to the power grid and for emergency power supply … [Read More]

What is a diesel engine? A diesel engine, also known as the compression-ignition engine, is an internal combustion engine. The engine works as it uses the heat of compression to initiate ignition and burns the diesel fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber. How do diesel engines work? … [Read More]

How do diesel generators work and create electricity? Two components – engine and the electromagnetic generator – work together. Diesel engine burns diesel fuel to produce motion for generator, which converts motion into electricity by using electromagnets. The two components are connected by a crankshaft … [Read More]

Diesel generators are widely used in industrial applications because of its superior reliability, low fuel consumption and easy adaptation in harsh environments. Diesel generators are widely regarded as a safer choice than gasoline powered generators, since diesel generators do not have a high voltage electrical ignition system and diesel fuel is … [Read More]

Control System: Analog and Digital Design Diesel Generator Control System: Analog vs Digital The control panel can be categorised into analog control system or digital control system. Comparison Analog Control System Digital Control System Operating Analog Control System Relatively straightforward Technicians do not require a high level of technical know-how to operate The generator can be … [Read More]

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