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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Power Service

While diesel generators are reliable for electricity generation, renewable energy is a crucial alternative to fight global climate change. Solar power is one of the options. Within the solar panels, radiation from the sun causes chemical reactions to generate electricity, reducing carbon emission. While green energy brings lower impacts to the environment, we as a corporate are responsible for advocating both economic and social sustainability. The use of this technology benefits end-users and different stakeholders in their overall well being, as well as our employees’ development opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

3 pillars of Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is a concept for corporates to seek both economic profit and social good. While it must be profitable for a business to be sustainable (economic), the business also needs to be responsible for its people (social) and protect the planet (environment).

Top One Power’s logo is in a triangular shape. This concept is to symbolise these 3 pillars of sustainability and our company core values.

Protecting the planet by reducing carbon emissions. For instance, our solar power services act as the green energy to complement diesel generator for electricity production.
Treating well our employees with responsive benefits and providing them with career development opportunities in the green energy industry to get with the times.
The alignment of interests and benefits among 3 parties: not only us as a corporate entity, but also other stakeholders – our employees and end-user customers.

Our Philosophy

With over a half-century of industry experience, we want to bring our power generator services to the next level. We started to provide solar panel installation services aside from diesel generator sets. Since solar power reduces pollution as compared to diesel power, and diesel generators produce stable electricity when the absence of sunshine, solar power and diesel generators complement each other for electricity production at all times.

In tropical islands like the Maldives, for example, photovoltaic panels are installed on the roofs of most resorts, delivering electricity during the presence of sunlight. However, diesel generators are still the main source of backup power.

Actions are more significant than words. Internally, we installed the solar photovoltaic system on the roofs of our warehouse, with a total of over 1500 panels. With our own experience in solar energy projects, we are confident with our product quality. We also welcome clients to visit our warehouse to explore more about our technologies.

Monitoring System

The Monitoring System in our solar panels provides timely statistical data and visualised graphics for you to understand your power yield. Below are the highlighting features:

Simple and Efficient
Easy access the solar system data anywhere
Data visualisation
Energy yields are measured and visualised as data tables or diagrams.
Panel Measurement
PV system data including irradiation & temperature measurement
Live Monitoring
Instantly check energy flow & inverter performance

Energy & Power

  • Total Yield (mwh)