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Why air filter maintenance is essential for your diesel generator sets?

To generator electricity, diesel generators need the air for its combustion process within the engines. Air Filter is to filter solid particulates such as dust, pollen and mould in the air. The device is composed of fibrous materials, which filter out unwanted materials to ensure that only clean air enters the combustion process. The impurities may be invisible but can cause engine wear. The damage-causing dust is harmful to your engine components like the cylinders, piston rings etc. The diesel generator can thus become less efficient, leading to high fuel consumption. Hence, air filter maintenance is crucial for the life expectancy of the diesel generator, and please make sure that genuine parts are used. Generally, the change frequency of air filter depends on your actual running hours of the diesel generator sets. Fleetguard filters and Hastings Filters are widely used in diesel generators powered by Cummins engine. For instance, the filter part numbers of Cummins KTA38G4 and KTA19G3 are AF25278 and AF872 respectively, where ‘AF’ stands for ‘Air Filter’.