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Emergency stops in diesel generator sets

emergency stops in diesel generator sets

Mechanical & electronic emergency stops in containerised diesel generator sets

Normally, a cool-down process is required for a shutdown of the diesel generator sets. In case of an emergency – such as fire, gas leak etc – the emergency stops are useful to bypass time delay to cut off the supply of fuel directly. So that an absence of fuel prevents the diesel generator from operating. There are mainly 2 types of emergency stops: Electronic & Mechanical.

  • Electronic: when pressing the electronic emergency stop button, the control panel will send signals to halt the fuel pump operation safely.
  • Mechanical: when pulling the handle of the mechanical emergency stop to full extend, a conduit attached (with a wire within) will close the opening mounted on the fuel pump.

Our containerised diesel generator sets are equipped with electronic emergency stops. For local projects in Hong Kong, an extra mechanical emergency stop is often installed to provide additional protection to meet fire safety requirements. If you need to perform an emergency shutdown operation, attempt the electronic emergency stop before using a mechanical emergency stop. After using the emergency stops, the stop devices have to be restored before restarting the generator set.

emergency stops in diesel generator sets