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Considerations choosing Remote Radiator Type?

considerations choosing Remote Radiator diesel generator

What are the major considerations for choosing Remote Radiator Type for your soundproof diesel generator sets?

The radiator for diesel generators is to take away the heat from the engine and the alternator. Our popular types of soundproof sets are ‘End In Front Out Type’ and ‘Remote Radiator Type’. Remote Radiator Type is an improved version with stronger cooling effects to tackle overheating problems.

  1. Better ventilation. A Remote Radiator Type diesel generator set has 2 motor-fans and 2 radiators. The radiators are separated from the engine, allowing for better ventilation airflow. This prevents overheat of the radiator and the engine sets, and thus enhance durability.
  2. Space. We recommend customers to use High Cube containers for Remote Radiator Type, as this provides more room for air movement through the air inlet and outlet vents. The increase in overall generator performance and efficiency is more significant.

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