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diesel generator shipping requirements

Shipping Requirements for our Diesel Generator Sets

When shipping our diesel generator sets with a standard size of 20 feet, the gensets are considered as Shipper Owned Containers (SOC). SOC means that a shipping container belongs to the consignee. And the container can be shipped directly without using a carrier’s cargo container.

To ensure that the containerised set can be safely delivered to our client’s destination, we take effective measures according to the courier requirements. Take the remote radiator type of Cummins KTA50G3 as an example:

1. Cover all transparent areas (in black)

Transparent windows are equipped to our gensets for easy monitoring, but they need to be covered for safety reasons when shipping.

diesel generator shipping requirements

2. Cover the top with rainproof materials

To avoid water entering through the air outlet of the radiator cooling fan, we will add waterproof covers on the genset.

3. Ensure the dimensions are accurate

Items protruding from the container surface is not an ideal condition for shipping. Hence, exhaust outlets are removed so that the containerised unit will have plane surfaces and fit the shipping dimensions accurately.

diesel generator shipping requirements 2