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Customised Diesel Generator Enclosure: Top Ventilation & updated door designs


While our standard generator enclosures work well for most applications, we are happy to customize them for specific requirements. This Cummins KTA38G4 silent box 20GP diesel generator enclosure with an ‘End In Top Out Type’ design has the following features:

An air outlet at the top
A notable feature of this customised diesel generator enclosure is the location of the ventilation system. Unlike a standard ‘End In Front Out Type’ unit, which typically has ventilation at the front (radiator side) of the enclosure. For this ‘End In Top Out Type’ unit, we located the air outlets at the top of the enclosure above the acoustic panels. By directing the exhaust airflow upwards and away from surrounding areas, this vertical ventilation helps to reduce noise levels (78 dB for 110% load at a 7-meter distance).

Updated door designs
In our standard ‘End In Front Out Type’ unit, we design the enclosure unit with single doors for the airflow from the alternator side to the radiator side. For this unit, we utilised the double door design. The double doors on the radiator side do not have louvers, allowing sound and airflow to travel up vertically rather than out the sides. Additionally, this design makes it easier to clean a radiator during regular maintenance.

Custom Diesel Generator Cummins KTA38G4
End in Top Out Type Custom Diesel Generator Cummins KTA38G4

Modifications of generator doors
Another modification is the removal of the standard circuit breaker panel due to the client’s request. Usually, our standard diesel generator enclosures are equipped with a circuit breaker. When a switchboard or distribution board is nearby, the absence of a circuit breaker makes it more convenient to access directly to the alternator when the enclosure door is opened. This allows more room and space for alternator repair and maintenance when needed.

These targeted customisations show how diesel generator enclosures can be modified to meet the needs of specific installations. Contact us to optimise your generator’s performance and usability for its application and location!