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International Cummins QSL9G5: Diesel Generator

Cummins QSL9-G5

International Cummins QSL9G5

Generator Set, 50Hz, 1500rpm

Cummins QSL9-G5

The QSL9 series is best for heavy-duty conditions with its improved fuel economy. It has enhanced cold starting capability and is quieter in operation. If you are not concerned about regulated emissions, the Cummins international QSL9-G5 is recommended to you for its high efficiency and competitive price.

Cummins QSL9-G5

Customized Design for Easy Repair

This unit comes with a special design of the front of the container as requested. The canopy has a removable plate for radiator maintenance, instead of opening the large side door. Hence, regular cleaning or repair of the radiator is accessible without moving out the full generator set within.