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Cummins QSNT-G3 Truck Mounted Diesel Generator

Cummins QSNT-G3 Truck mounted generator
Truck Mounted Diesel Generator? No problem!

Cummins QSNT-G3 Truck mounted generator

Cummins QSNT-G3
Truck Mounted Diesel Generator

A vehicle-mounted generator enhances the flexibility and convenience of a power source. This time, we designed a Cummins QSNT-G3 containerised set according to the client’s given size and weight. Since the generator set is to be installed on a truck, there are strict limitations on the generator box design.

Restrictions on the sizes
The widths and lengths of the power box are designed to fit accurately the corner castings on the truck. After mounted on the vehicle, the total height of the box cannot exceed 3.4-meter.

Restrictions on the Weight
With mobility considerations, the power box has to be kept as less heavy as possible. The gross weight of the generator set cannot exceed 8000 KGs, including assembling sockets and other internal components provided by the client. Also, there is noise control of this generating set. To meet these requirements, we chose carefully sound-absorbing materials which are both light and effective.

Arrangement of Components
The locations of the components such as emergency buttons, control panel and fuel gauge are lower than usual when placed on the ground. After installation of the containerised set on the truck, the components will suit human eye level. To enhance safety precautions, emergency stop buttons are located on both sides of the container for easier access at different height levels. One is higher and one is lower on the other side.

Mobility Consideration
To ensure the generator can be operated smoothly on a slope, there is a 2 in 1 out fuel valve in the base bottom fuel tank. In the front and bottom of the fuel tank, there are a vent-and-overfill pipe and a fuel pipe separately. Hence, when the generator truck is parked in an incline, either pipe could continuously supply fuel to the diesel engine.