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Waterproof Housing Diesel Generator Set

Container 20ft GP customised 2
Waterproof Housing Diesel Generator Set
Waterproof Housing Diesel Generator Set

If you have unique designs on your diesel generator set, we can help you realise your ideas. This time, we assembled a customised enclosure set and performed a rain test, due to the client’s high demands on water resistance ability. Let’s look at its features:

waterproof housing diesel generator details

Electroplated shield on exhaust silencer
The rainproof shield installed on the exhaust silencer is electroplated, so that it provides extra corrosion resistance and prevents heat transfer to the surroundings.

Double bank louvres to reject rain
At the sides of the container, the selected double bank louvres are constructed from aluminium that is highly corrosion-resistant. The louvre system also has a special design to allow water ejection.

Rain resistance cover & C Channel
Unlike standard units, the power cable inlet is located at the top. A rain resistance cover is added to reject water, and the C channel allows cables to be arranged neatly with the cable tray.