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How we ensure Reliable Power: A Peek Behind our Rental Generator Services

2024.2 How we ensure Reliable Power A Peek Behind our Rental Generator Service

After rental periods end and generator sets are returned to our facilities, our service team actions to thoroughly check each unit. Take a look at our meticulous process of ensuring the optimal performance of our diesel generator sets, from their return to our facility until their next deployment.

Thorough Inspection

Upon receiving the diesel generator sets after their rental period, our team initiates a comprehensive inspection process to identify any potential issues. Critical components like engines, alternators and control panels are examined in detail. Depending on the previous usage, our technicians will carry out relative inspections, for example, prime usage, particularly vital parts like the hoses and fan belts of the radiator and cooling system will be checked; Coastal area usage, electronic components will be deeply examined to avoid corrosive and short circuits. Any components showing irregularities are systematically cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Deep Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for the longevity and performance of our rental gensets. We ensure that every unit undergoes a thorough cleaning process, both internally and externally. The process includes removing any dirt, debris, or residue that may have accumulated during usage. Common areas are radiator core, exhaust pipe and filters. With construction site being one of our most common leasing sites for our rental gensets, the environment and the source of diesel are relatively uncertain. Components like filters that exceed our recommended running hours will be replaced to ensure optimal air and fuel filtration.

Extensive Performance Testing

Once the inspection and cleaning processes are complete, we will conduct compulsory testing to ensure optimal performance, including a 15-minute no-load test, evaluating output voltage and frequency stability to guarantee a consistent and reliable power supply. Further load testing might also be conducted depending on repairing works taken in early stages.

Our rental generators come pre-installed with remote monitoring equipment, enabling real-time oversight of essential parameters such as oil pressure and coolant temperature. This advanced monitoring system allows us to proactively identify and resolve potential issues, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and failures. If anything arises, rest assured that our highly responsive team will address the issues with a guaranteed response time of under 4 hours. For long-term rentals, we have a proactive maintenance program of bi-monthly on-site checks. This is to ensure continuous peak performance throughout the rental contract duration.

To ensure your operations have reliable backup power, contact us today to discuss a rental generator solution tailored to your needs!