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Exploring Chongqing Cummins-CCEC’s State-of-the-Art New Warehouse

Exploring Chongqing Cummins-CCEC's State-of-the-Art New Warehouse

Chongqing Cummins-CCEC, a joint venture between China and the United States, has been at the forefront of generator manufacturing since its establishment in October 1995. Benefiting from growing globalisation, Chongqing Cummins-CCEC upheld the same rigorous quality standards and processes as Cummins Inc. This commitment ensured that the diesel generators are designed and manufactured according to the world’s top technical and quality assurance standards, meeting the highest international standards for competence, efficiency and reliability. As their authorised generator OEM company, Top One Power has collaborated closely with Chongqing Cummins-CCEC to deliver high-quality diesel generators embodying excellence and innovation to our valued clients.

Exploring Chongqing Cummins-CCEC's State-of-the-Art New Warehouse

Recently, Top One Power’s manager, Kevin Cheung, visited Chongqing Cummins-CCEC’s new warehouse, witnessing the cutting-edge technology and processes employed in their operations. Greatly impressed by their advanced automation manufacturing system, Kevin reaffirmed our confidence in providing our clients with the most reliable and durable diesel generators.

“With a focus on automation, they have embraced advanced technologies to streamline their logistics, production processes and quality control,” said Kevin. “This reinforced our successful partnership and allows us to provide our valued clients with top-quality diesel generators at competitive prices.”

Chongqing is a major inland metropolitan city in southwest China, offering a captivating mix of modernity and tradition. About a short 2-hour flight from Hong Kong, it’s renowned for spicy cuisine like hot pots and noodles.

If you are interested in Chongqing Cummins-CCEC’s advanced manufacturing operations, we welcome you to reach out and embark on this exciting journey with us. Contact our sales specialists to learn more!

Exploring Chongqing Cummins-CCEC's State-of-the-Art New Warehouse3