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Cummins QSZ13-G7

Cummins DCEC QSZ13-G7

Customised Containerised Soundproof set of Cummins DCEC QSZ13-G7

What features can you discover in our customised design of containerised diesel generator Cummins QSZ13-G7?

Engine: Cummins DCEC QSZ13-G7

  • Prime rating: 280kw/350kva
  • Alternator: Stamford HCI534C with PMG (MX321)
  • Noise Level: 60dBA at 7m
  • Control Panel: ComAp IG-NTC-BB InteliGen Base Box
  • Circuit Breaker: Merlin Gerin(Schneidler) Motorized
  • Internal Fuel Tank (Bunded, 495L)

When standard designs of general diesel generator sets cannot meet your special needs, we always provide flexible solutions to solve your problems. This time, Top One Power is requested to design a containerised set to further improve the noise and exhaust gas reduction of Cummins DCEC QSZ13-G7. Inside the container, we utilised a diesel catalytic purifier to reduce harmful substances emitted, while the structural design and materials adopted are to meet noise absorption specifications.