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Tailored Power Solutions: Fulfilling Customer Desires with Our Diesel Generators

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Your choice for Custom Filtration

Apart from standard options, customers have the freedom to select a wide range of Fleetguard air filter models or other brands that best suit their needs.
To accommodate the diverse dimensions of these air filters, we have designed a new support rack. This rack guarantees a secure, level fit, thereby preventing any tilting and prolonged life expectancy for your generator set.

Simple, User-friendly Control with the ComAp IG200

To balance functionality with user experience, the control panel is equipped with the ComAp IG200 model. This compact control panel model provides the basic functions in a user-friendly interface without overwhelming the user with unnecessary complexity. Additionally, we offer clients the flexibility to tailor the control panel to their unique preferences, allowing for the inclusion of customised alarms and button functionalities.

Intelligent Fluid Detection for Ultimate Protection

We have integrated a responsive float switch inside the drainage tunnel to detect if the fluid rose to a certain level. Upon activation, this swift detection mechanism signals an alert to the control panel, ensuring quick attention to any potential issues and preventing damage.

By focusing on customisable components, convenient access and reliable monitoring, we strive to simplify your operations while extending the long-term value of your investment. Contact us today to learn more about how our generator enclosures can elevate your power needs.