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No.1 Fuk Hang St, Yuen Long Ind EST, N.T., Hong Kong

Safety Precautions in response to COVID-19


Protecting Employees, Warehouse Visitors and the Community

  • The health and well-being of our employees, clients and the community are our biggest concern. To ensure safety, we encouraged our staff to work remotely at the peak of coronavirus outbreak. We provide disinfectant supplies regularly to our employees when they come to the workplace.
  • Before entering office and warehouse, all employees and visitors have to wear surgical masks, measure body temperature and disinfect hands.
  • To reduce large gathering, we cancelled company activities and meetings with clients (for instance, we had live streams of generator load testing instead). We also restricted international travel and minimised domestic site visits.

Ensuring Product Safety and Timely Delivery

  • We understand client’s concerns on our product safety and quality, which are also our top priorities. We have been taking measures to make our production lines clean and safe by frequently cleaning and disinfecting. To prevent the risk of coronavirus infection, we provide repacking service and clean the products before shipment. We also implemented social distancing for our technicians to work independently.
  • According to a study in the journal The Lancet Microbe, the COVID-19 virus lasts at most seven days on common surfaces. Given our delivery time (products depart from our warehouse to client’s destinations) is over seven days in general, we are confident that our products are delivered safely and on time.

*To cope with the N95 Mask shortage, Cummins, our diesel engine provider, provides NanoNet and NanoForce Media filter technology to make viable mask options.

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