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How do Diesel Generators Create Electricity?

How do diesel generators work and create electricity?

  • Two components – engine and the electromagnetic generator – work together.
  • Diesel engine burns diesel fuel to produce motion for generator, which converts motion into electricity by using electromagnets.
  • The two components are connected by a crankshaft. The crankshaft transfers the motion produced by the diesel engine to the magnets of the generator assembly.
  • The fuel tank of the diesel engine is filled and the engine is started. The governor is used to standardize the power output of an engine, so this in turn standardizes the power output of the generator. This prevents damage to components that could be caused by the engine operating at high speeds.
  • Once the diesel engine starts and turns the crankshaft that connects to the generator, the central axle of the generator is spun within a chamber containing electromagnets. This high-speed motion causes an electric current to be produced.

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