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Control System: Analog and Digital Design

Diesel Generator Control System: Analog vs Digital

The control panel can be categorised into analog control system or digital control system.


Analog Control System
Digital Control System
Analog Control System
  • Relatively straightforward
  • Technicians do not require a high level of technical know-how to operate
  • The generator can be quickly and easily controlled
Digital Control System
  • More complicated
  • Technicians must have past experience of the control system to operate through the electronic system
Service & Repair
Analog Control System
  • Easy
  • Can replace the meters independently
Digital Control System
  • Difficult
  • If a fault is detected, the entire panel must be replaced and this requires a large amount of computer programming to re-install and complete the repair
Maintenance Cost
Analog Control System
  • Low
Digital Control System
  • High
Analog Control System
  • Cannot connect smart computer control system (Pro Logic Control)
Digital Control System
  • Can connect smart computer control system (Pro Logic Control)
Generator Room Environmental Requirements
Analog Control System
  • Can adapt to hostile work environments such as high humidity and large amounts of dust
Digital Control System
  • Need a clean environment

Reason for choosing an analog control

  • Mainly for single use, because it is relatively easier to control
  • Replacement of the existing power system generator sets, needs and legacy systems re-convergence
  • Low maintenance costs compared with digital control system
  • Major use in marine engine or genset

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