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In Hong Kong, Why do you need generators with ‘Green labels’ or QPME labels?

QPME labels generators

In Hong Kong, why do you need generators with ‘Green labels’ or QPME labels in a nutshell!

QPME generators Hong Kong

Starting from June 1, 2019, only Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) with an Approved NRMM label ‘Green Labels’ (having higher emission standards) are eligible to government tenders of public works contracts, instead of the traditional Yellow Labels.

Heavy equipment certified by the Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) labels must also bear a ‘Green Label’, benchmarking that they are new, particularly quiet, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Currently, the public works contractors prefer using QPME machinery.

At present, diesel generators with QPME labels of TOP ONE Power’s associate company Yip Shing have a standby rating of 100kVA, 250kVA and 440kVA respectively. Feel free to inquire us about the rental details!

Source: Headline Daily ( Link Broken)